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Thank you so much for being an early adopter of our storytelling platform. What started off 3 years ago as a simple recording app for my grandma to use on her iPad has grown into a full fledged web and mobile platform for media rich storytelling including voice, photos, videos and even background music.

Over the past 3 years we've been on Kickstarter, recognized at major family history conventions and collected 1000's of stories from people like you. Because of your stories about beloved rescue pets we helped improve adoption rates of dogs in shelters.

To continue the mission of changing the way people think about family history and personal stories we have decided to sell some of our key assets to EveryStory, a new and very innovative storytelling company in their own right. I've met their management team and used their product and think they're truly onto something.

I invite you to try their product and keep saving and sharing personal stories for future generations.

Mike Davis, CEO StoryPress Inc.